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Orchestra Hall is a staple of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota due to it's central location (Nicolett Mall) and its unique design and color palette.  Orchestra Hall was constructed in 1974 and now is home to the Minnesota State Orchestra while it also houses other events throughout the year.


Minneapolis' Orchestra Hall auditroium seats 2,500 on a main floor plus three tiers above and on the side.  Audience members always notice the many cubes that are a prominent design elements across the back of the stage's rear wall.  This design serves two purposes: acoustic control and visual appeal.  These cubes, or variations thereof, have been duplicated at many other concert halls around the country.

Minneapolis Orchestra Hall

The latest series of improvements were completed to the Orchestra Hall in 1997 and included installing huge windows for great views of the urban landscape.  Ten years later, Orchestra Hall Staff announced that the facility would have a $90 million restructing.  The lobby will be completely remodeled as part of this rennovation.


Minneapolis Orchestra Hall tciets are available now.  Check out the schedule of upcoming concerts and events to see what best fits your interests.  Whether its a Minnesota Orchestra performance, St. Thomas winter choir concert, or a traditional rock band event, Minneapolis Orchestra Hall tickets will suit all needs.  Buy your Minneapolis Orchestra Hall tickets today!


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