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The Guthrie Theater recently rose to international fame, not for its most recent staging of modern and classic plays alike, but for its innovative architecture and sophisticated design.  Juxtaposed between the the natural banks of the Mississippi River and downtown Minneapolis' urban setting, the new Guthrie Theatre venue was created by architecht Jean Nouvel in partnership with Architectural Alliance, a Minneapolis, Minnesota company.  Nouvel is famous for his sweeping, urban designs and sleek, clean architechtural lines.  The Guthrie Theatre features both of these Nouvel trademarks.  Additionally, the Guthrie Theatre building houses three separate theaters which can hold anywhere from 700-1,100 audience members.  Guthrie Theatre


One of the most distinctive features of Nouvel's design for the Guthrie Theatre is the 178-foot cantilevered bridge to the Mississippi.  Visitors can walk out across the bridge to stuff their eyes with the beauty of Mississippi and the downtown Minneapolis skyscrapers that rise up behind the Guthrie Theatre.  It is truly an amazing experience.  Because of this, Guthrie Theatre Tickets are a quick sell and a hot draw!


To mark the Guthrie Theatre's grand opening, The Great Gatsby was staged on July 15, 2006.  This play was especially suitable for the new Guthrie Theatre venue because audiences could envision Gatsy staring across the bay, longing for Daisy, much the same way visitors could gaze out across the Mississippi waters on the Guthrie's cantilevered bridge.  Guthrie Theatre Tickets are a popular item!


To truly appreciate the Guthrie Theatre's history, however, we need to look back a little bit further in time.  The Guthrie Theatre was named after Sir Tyrone Guthrie, an actor and director who desired a midwestern theater with a resident acting company, performances of the classics, and a strict code of regulations.  Minneapolis, Minnesota was perfect to host this style of theater due to its central location and strong art culture.


In its early days, the Guthrie Theatre performed plays like Henry V, St. Joan, and The Three Sisters.  The talented Guthrie Theatre troupe soon began a national tour just 5 years after opening.  Although the 1970s were tough for the Guthrie Theatre due to small audiences and lackluster performances, the 1980s were fabulous.  By 1982, the Guthrie Theatre was recognized nationally with a Tony Award, bringing international attention to Minnesota.


Today Guthrie Theatre ticket memberships are at an all-time high: over 32,000 Guthrie Theatre tickets are claimed by season ticket-holders alone.  Reserve a seat at the next Guthrie Theatre event by reserving your Guthrie Theatre tickets today.  With three stages and an assortment of productions, a Guthrie Theatre ticket will meet everyone's needs.  Buy Guthrie Theatre tickets for your favorite play today!


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