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Saint Paul, Minnesota's beautiful Fitzgerald Theatre has been a downtown landmark since its creation in the early part of the twentieth century.  Today the Fitzgerald Theatre is recognized as Saint Paul, Minnesota's oldest venue and is still a working theater today.  The Fitzgerald Theatre is home to many film festivals, musicals, and stand-up comedy.  Because of its location on 10 East Exchange Street in downtown Saint Paul, the Fitzgerald Theatre is also home to the world-famous Prairie Home Companion series.  Fitzgerald Theatre Tickets are a hot draw!

Fitzgerald Theatre

The Fitzgerald Theatre is much more in use today than it was just a few decades ago.  Before restoration, the Fitzgerald Theatre had falled on hard times.  Due to lack of interest in St. Paul theater in the 1970s, along with competition from other Twin Cities theater venues, the Fitzgerald Theatre was closed for several years.  Minnesota Public Radio decided to invest in the Fitzgerald Theatre and spent 6 years restoring the facility to its original grandeur.  Again, the biggest show that took place on the Fitzgerald Theatre's stages was "The Prairie Home Companion", which was turned into a blockbuster movie as recently as 2006.


The Fitzgerald Theatre's history was originally inspired by entertainment-industry icons Lee and J. J. Shubert.  The Shubert brothers named the facility the Sam S. Shubert Theater in honor of their brother who had passed away.  The Shubert brothers modeled the Sam S. Shubert Theater on New York's Maxine Elliot Theater as its model.  Fitzgerald Theatre Tickets are a quick seller!


With its rich history and legacy of homegrown Minnesota theater, the Fitzgerald Theatre is a great way to experience another aspect of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.  To participate in the Fitzgerald Theatre's events, don't wait to purchase your Fitzgerald Theatre tickets.  If you are interested in watching "The Prairie Home Companion" or a singing act, come on down to St. Paul's Fitzgerald Theatre to suit all your entertainment needs.  Downtown St. Paul has much to offer and the Fitzgerald Theatre is one stop you don't want to miss.  Buy your Fitzgerald Theatre tickets now. 


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