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First Avenue Nightclub is the Minneapolis mecca for all rock, punk, hip-hop and forward-thinking music. The actual First Avenue didn't open until 1970, and then it was called The Depot. Joe Cocker played the opening night on April 3, 1970.  First Avenue Nightclub tickets sell fast!


In the 1970s, founder Allan Fingerhut kept the live acts coming in to the First Avenue club despite the disco craze. Legendary acts such as the Stooges, the Kinks and the Ramones played their live noise inside the hallowed walls of First Avenue, or Sam's as it was called in that decade.


In the 1980s, Steve McClellan and Jack Meyers began managing the club and renamed it First Avenue on New Year's Eve, 1981. The downtown Minneapolis space would never be the same, as it helped decimate disco and ushered in a new era of Purple Rain and hipster trash rock. Husker Du, the Replacements and Prince all frequented First Avenue during this period, making the club essentially the home of Minneapolis' musical golden age.


The 1990s saw the First Avenue night club diversify its musical portfolio even further. It became the Minneapolis club known to attract different crowds and different groups on any given night of the week. Before every national act got big, they played First Avenue: Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, the Fugees.


Today the eclectic nature of First Avenue concerts continues, with bands like Atmosphere, Yo La Tengo and Hanson playing live sets. The walls on the inside of the First Ave club are pitch-black, lending the club a scuzzed-out rock club feel. There is limited seating at tables around the floor and the upstairs balcony, but not many go to First Avenue to watch a show sitting down. The crowds can range from wild at metal shows to fluid at electronic shows to stagnant at lower-key rock shows. All First Avenue seating is general admission, so if you have First Avenue tickets and want to stand up front it is best to arrive at the club when the doors open.


First Avenue has schedules posted in their email newsletter or everywhere around the club, including the bathrooms. And don't worry, the bathrooms are nasty, but they aren't as bad as the famed CBGB New York men's "restroom." Buy First Ave tickets today and find out for yourself.


First Avenue Nightclub is located in downtown Minneapolis and is one of the hottest clubs in the Twin Cities. First Avenue Concerts are legendary!  Purchase your First Avenue Nightclub tickets today!  First Avenue Nightclub tickets go fast!


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